About Us

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MK Salon takes your hair, health and beauty experience to a whole new level.

So much thought has been put into the development of this bespoke, up-market brand that it can only be seen as an experience, rather than a visit to a salon.

Here you will journey into a celebrity-approved world with expert stylists, beauticians and professionals whose only aim it is, to make you feel like a million bucks.

We sell top-quality hair, beauty and cosmetic ranges as well as supplements. Ample, secure parking, and even your car can get sparkly clean while you get your groom on!

The brainchild of Marieth Kloppers, MK Salon is the culmination of a remarkable journey taken by her… 

and one which has inspired countless men and women to be the best version of themselves.

You’re warmly invited to seize the day and come and see for yourself what the MK Experience is all about. And once you’ve been, you’re sure to bring a friend along the next time…

because the MK Experience is an unforgettable, shareworthy one!

Behind MK Salon

“I believe that every human being is born beautiful and unique inside and out. Then life happens and most of us lose some of our allure.


At MK Salon, every client is a “VIP” who will walk away with a different perspective on how valuable and worthy they really are.


Welcome to MK Salon!”

Marieth Kloppers

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